Important Camp Information

We recently switched registration systems which allows us to submit all of your medical and waiver forms via online that are required to participate include: Health History Form (no Pediatrician signature required), and the Participation Waiver Form and Transportation Waiver. An additional medication form must be filled out and signed by your pediatrician for epi-pens and other meds.

By enrolling your child, you agree to terms of our Camp Policies 2018 (See Below)

Why Eco Adventures Camp? We are UNIQUE and like no other. Here is why:

Our Staff

Meet Eco Adventures staff who just so happen to be world renowned explorers from National Geographic, scientists, vet techs, biologists/marine biologists, certified teachers, animal rescuers, animal trainers, and more! Our staff, are not the ordinary “camp counselors”. We are professional trained educators. The Executive Director has 24+ years of experience with leading, organizing, and developing camps from the Miami Seaquarium, Parrot Jungle and Gardens, National Audubon Society, National Aquarium and more! Many of our Lead instructors are experts in their field: from Conservation education, herpetology, art, photography, field research and animal rescues, and more!

We pride ourselves with our training from animal safety to first aide/CPR certifications and are certified with NO violations in 2017 from the MD Dept. of Health Camp Association

Instructor/ Student ratio:

We split up campers into age appropriate groups of 10-12 campers. Our ratio is 2:12. We try to accommodate sibling requests and friend requests when needed. Included, is at least one instructor aide, volunteer and/or Junior Assistant to assist the Lead instructor. Since our instructors all have all different expertise, we try to expose them to as many instructors as possible that lead and teach rotations in the morning and rotations in the afternoon. The Instructor's aides, Jr. Assistants, and volunteers, take the campers to their rotations within the building. Our Executive Director and Camp Director are always present on site to assist where needed so there is plenty of supervision. We have extra staff on Friday Fieldtrips. If parents are interested in chaperoning, please contact us.

NEW outdoor exhibit! Coming this Spring- ECO Mining Co.

Campers will experience the EA Mining Co. a “Wild West Water Stop” feature just out back of the ECO Bunkhouse, where we have our sluices set up and the ore is rich (we hope…). Prospectors will learn all about gold/silver mining, how to prospect, pan for gold and look for fossils, how to use a sluice, introduction to critters we may run into in the wild west, different ways to excavate, and even how to identify precious gems and real fossils!! At the end of their shift, the lucky miners (everyone) will get to weigh their findings at the Gold Dust Gulch Trading Post, where they can swap their nuggets for something they can actually take home!! The sluice boxes are a little leaky and the old Water Stop is unpredictable at best, so on this day, bring your swim suits and prepare to get wet!!

NEW “CIT” (Counselor in Training) Program:

For ages 11+. Does your child have a high interest in animals, assisting with children, developing real world skills, (teamwork, leadership, responsibility), and learning about creature careers? We open up 5 spots for each camp and pair them up with an ECO Jr. Assistant that will help mentor them. Each CIT and Jr. Assistant will assist the Lead instructor in a group rotation. CITS will also participate in all the activities such as snack, craft, games, interactions etc while assisting with the group. Do you have what it takes? This is requirement for aspiring Jr. Assistants. Fee is the same as the themed camp. Call to inquire.


What sets us apart from other camps are our themed hands-on activities. Whether it is with animals, on a scavenger hunt, art, or a game…we equate learning and fun as one. The best part, is that your kids do not even know they are learning!

Creative Snacks:

We don't provide campers with a mundane morning and afternoon snacks- instead campers create snacks related to the weeks theme. We make banana millipedes, bug and mud cups, “Fossil Tar Pit” pudding, Watermelon butterflies, and more!


Whats a camp without games? Our dynamic and fun games encourage cooperative learning and team-building skills. We provide outdoor games and obstacles courses as well as trivia games for the mind.

Arts and crafts:

At Eco Adventures, kids are encouraged use their imagination and allow their inner Picasso to shine as they create crafts, art projects, and experiments to take home. The Art Camp provides them to get more in-depth with various mediums of art forms.

Conservation Awareness Activities:

Want to make a difference? We do! Campers can assist with current Eco Adventure conservation projects, research, and education initiatives. Help set up camera traps for research, help with a woods clean-up, build habitats, analyze animal scat, make new hiking trails, plant in our garden, assist with composting, make bird houses and a bird bath area. Some camps even participate in day field trips to State Parks or conservation/nature/rescue centers nearby.

Guest Speakers:

We provide guest speakers that provide demonstrations from various institutions such as DNR, National Geographic, National Aquarium in Baltimore, falconers, animal trainers, marine biologists, divers, and more!

Parent Volunteers:

We welcome parent volunteers on field trip days on a first come first serve basis. Please see us for more details.


We have a limited number of scholarships for those in financial need. Please send us an email explaining why your child is in need and deserves a chance at the scholarship. First come first serve.


Camp Open House

January 25th 4:30 - 7:30pm ($30/Camp Discount)

March 22nd 4:30 - 7:30pm ($20/Camp Discount)

It's that time again to start thinking of our award winning, fun, interactive, educational, action packed summer camps!! Join us to get early bird deals, information and tours, and of course- meet some of our favorite animals!

Call to RSVP 410-987-1300

Winter & Spring Camps 2019


Island Adventure

January 21st

9-4pm, $80/camper

(ages 5-11, CITs 12+)


Escape...Temple of Treasures

January 31st

9-4pm, $80/camper

(ages 5-11, CITs 12+)


Animal Tracks

February 18th

9-4pm, $90/camper

(ages 5-11, CITs 12+)


Pandora World of Avatar

March 5th


(ages 5-11, CITs 12+)



Wild About Art Class: Colorful Creatures

April 18th & 19th (a 2-day Class)

1 - 3pm

(ages 8+)



Race Through Time

April 18th


(ages 5-11, CITs 12+)



Wildlife Warriors

April 19th


(ages 5-11, CITs 12+)



Animal Superheros

April 22nd


(ages 5-11, CITs 12+)



Zoo Clues

April 22nd


(ages 5-11, CITs 12+)


Summer Camp Line Up for 2019 Will Be Posted By January 21st Check Back Soon!

Camp Policies

Registration/Cancellation/refund Policy:

SPACE IS LIMITED! We like to be organized and prepared! If possible, we ask that you please register at least two weeks in advance so we can make the appropriate staff/materials/supplies preparations. We do take last minute registrations, but know that it is based on space availability. If you cancel at least 3 weeks prior to your camp date, you can receive a refund minus $25 registration/cancellation fee for each cancelled camp. After that, credit will be issued for any future programs. For one day camps there is a $10 cancellation fee per day. Multiple changes may incur an additional $5 re-registration fee.

Sick policy:

We follow Anne Arundel County school sickness policy. Your child cannot come back to camp if your child has a fever or vomits the day before. Must have at least 24 hours fever/vomit free. We encourage parents NOT to bring a sick child to camp, so we give you credit for ONE missed day for another day camp. Many camps do NOT do this. Repeated sick days may result in change of camp fee of $5.

Before & After Care

Available from 8 AM – 5 PM
$45 extra per week for either before care OR aftercare ($9 per day)
$ 70 extra per week for both ($14 per day)

Sick policy:

We are a peanut-free facility and only provide snack alternatives for peanut/nut allergies. Please let us know of any allergies in advance on the form. We encourage children with peanut/nut allergies to bring snacks from home. Multiple allergies other than nuts must bring their own snacks from home. Parents must check the ingredients for that day to make sure it is OK for their child to eat.

Special Needs:

Parents MUST notify us upon registration (prior) to the camp if your child has ANY special needs (ADHD, autism, or any physical or behavioral problems), allergies, or any other special requirements so we can be prepared and staffed appropriately. Although we have had experience with, we are not trained professionals for special needs. Please note that this high energy camp may not be for everyone. Some of our rotations may switch thirty minutes at a time. Children with difficulties in making transitions, noise, high stimuli, may not respond well to this camp. We recommend to continue school routines with your child: If your child has ADHD medication, a weighted vest, or is in a program at school we recommend you continue the routine.

Failure to do this or improper/unmanageable behavior during camp can result in cancellation of your child's registration without a refund. Thank you for your understanding.

  • $20 Early Bird Discount until Feb 20th - only applies to full week Summer Camps (not daily or mini)
  • 5% off Military Discount. Email us proof of ID to get the code
  • Multi-week: 2-3 weeks $15 off each camp after the first week
  • Sibling discounts $20 off additional siblings for week long camps-Mini camps and one day camps are $5 off
  • Can only use ONE discount per camper (i.e. either sibling or multi week, military discount, or early bird whichever is greater) except if you pay by check or cash for totals of $300+ receive an additional $5 off -Call to get CODE As a small family business, we thank you for helping us keep our costs down.
  • 15% off the price of camp when you sign up for more than 4 weeks
  • All 11 weeks of camp special price $280 per camp
  • Payment plans are available and scholarships are available -Call to inquire
  • PLEASE call to register until we get the new system up and running.
  • Come to our Camp Fair Annapolis Area Christian Chesapeake Family to get $25 off if you register on that day. 10am-2pm.