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is offering hands-on, unique, dynamic enrichment programs with a wide range of themes for homeschooling groups. We've got you covered from rain forests to bugs, nature hikes to fossil digs, and more! Jump onto the wild side at Eco Adventures! We customize to your needs. Did we mention we have a rainforest, crocodile pond, live animal interactions, and feeding demonstrations?? Each class will have class objectives, and “homework”.  At the end of the session each student will take home a certificate to show completion of the session.

Session 3: Amazing Adaptations

Tuesdays, January 14th - February 18th or Wednesdays, January 15th - February 19th

11am - Noon

Ages 7 - 17


Themes (not necessarily in this order):

Prehensility: Talented Tails!

Ever have both your hands full and wished you had an extra? Meet some special animals who have tails that can act like an extra hand! Students will learn about prehensile limbs and how these special appendages help animals survive in their arboreal environment.


Did that leaf just walk? Or do you feel like something is watching you, but you can’t quite see it? Well, don’t look away or you just might miss these animals hiding right in front of you! Together, we will look at why animals are the colors they are. Not all our animal friends are masters of disguise after all, some like to stand out with BRIGHT colors. But every color and marking has a purpose. It will be your job to learn what they mean. Be sure you have a sharp eye, or you might miss something!

Into the Depths of the Ocean

You see a creature with a light on its head, and huge sharp teeth. Next to it is another with huge eyes and a pitch-black body. Are these two bizarre beings’ aliens? Why, of course not, but they are from a world unlike ours. Dive on in to the strange, and sometimes creepy, world of the deep dark ocean. Here there is hardly any light, freezing cold temperatures, and immense pressure. How could anything live in such extreme conditions? Let us take a closer look at the adaptations these animals use to survive.

Venom VS. Poison

We've all heard the stories... crazy animals whose bite or sting is full of VENOM and can make you deathly ill... Or other animals who make POISON that can slay the most fearsome predator... These are no ordinary adaptations! Come explore some of nature's deadliest cocktails as you discover WHY so many animals have evolved these abilities, the different between poison and venom, and more!! Scientists are still struggling to uncover this enigmatic adaptation, and we need YOUR help and ideas too--just try not to get stung...!

Super Smelling

From booby-trap detecting rats, to dogs that can sniff out disease and cats that can tell your mood from your scent, there is a whole world that we are barely a part of--and it's a stinky one!! Come and test YOUR nose against chemo-sensing snakes, adorable armadillos, and more! Humans have discovered some amazing stuff about animals with super smelling, but it's just the beginning... Can you handle this nasal onslaught as we learn about all things smelly??

Fantastic Filter Feeders

This class is all about some small and LARGE animals that eat some of the smallest things in the water!  From slimy oysters, porous sponges, to the biggest fish in the ocean-whale sharks!  Filter feeders are super important to their environments and the water quality.  Some of these animals are also super important to humans. Find out how and participate in an oyster dissection to see how an oysters filters out the water!

Homeschool Animal Apprenticeship

Ever wonder what it is like to be a zoo keeper? Led by one of our animal keepers, this in-depth experience is for the older students who are serious about learning animal husbandry and medical care of animals. Students will get to tour around the facility and learn specific information and needs of our animal collection. Students will get to not only encounter animals in our behind the scenes animal room, but assist with animal care, food prep, training and cleaning.

Call 410-987-1300 to book a date Monday - Fridays 9:30am - 12:30pm $60

Eco Adventures and the Home School Community:

"My 10 year old son and I attended the open house before the grand opening of Eco Adventures in Millersville a year ago. I knew right away that this was a place I wanted my son to attend and I knew it would be wonderful for our family and for the home school community. The staff was willing to work with me and set up a home school class and from the very first adventure we were hooked! 

Each class includes hands on animal experiences and this is the only place I have ever been that always seems to say yes in some fashion to the children — Yes, you can touch this way. Yes, we can do that. Yes, we can bring an animal out to look at and learn about. The atmosphere is relaxed and the children are always engaged and excited to learn. They cover so many topics and always in a way that is fascinating. My son enjoyed the program so much that he started working towards the Junior Assistant program and just this July, after 9 months of preparing, he passed the interview and reached his goal. This will be an excellent addition to his home school transcript and we hope to have a working/school relationship with Eco Adventures for many years to come."

*Please help us spread the word and share with your home school groups. You can get $10 off for each referral for up to 5 new participants! (You must be an existing customer to receive the discount)

Home School Policies

  • Special Needs – We welcome special needs students to learn and thrive in our hands on learning style at Eco Adventures. In order to maintain the quality of our programs and for your children's and animals' safety, we require that special needs students have adult supervision to assist. Failure to do so, may result in cancellation of registration as we are not special needs experts.
  • Pick up – Please be on time picking up your children. Subject to a late pick up fee after 5 minutes tardy.
  • Please do not bring any toys/ or use of electronics is prohibited
  • Absences: Please notify us when you child will be absent.
  • Whenever possible, students will be given different activities/challenges according to their age.
  • Vacation & Sick Policy:If applicable for week long sessions, you may make up to 1 days of missed home school class anytime during the same session. You must give advance notice to make up class & it will be dependent on availability. If that does not work out you may get one pass to a Jungle Express. No refunds or credits.
  • Snow/Inclement Weather Policy: If Anne Arundel County Schools close, Eco Adventures is closed. If AACPS let out early, you are responsible for pick up. We will try our best to reschedule for snow days, but if not possible we will give an Open Play/Jungle Express pass.
  • Discounts: $20 sibling discount per session and 5% off military discount (must show ID)
  • Must have a minimum number of 5 students to run the class.
  • Please note that some of our animals may eat peanuts and other varieties of nuts.