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Homeschool Classes 2022-23

Tuesdays Nature Nuts Series    Sept 20th-Nov 15th (8 weeks) *No class on election day Nov 8th
11 AM - 12 PM
Ages 5 -14+
$175 includes registration fee

Register online - Spaces available!!

We customize to your needs. If you have a group of 6-14 students, we can form your own one-time class or session. Please inquire at ecoadventuresmd@gmail.com

Session 1 THEMES (8 weeks)


Caught on Camera!

Have you ever wondered what lurks in the woods at Eco Adventures? Students will set up cameras around the property to see what lives in the woods surrounding Eco! Then have a photoshoot with our Eco Animals in front of the greenscreen.


Can You See Me Now?

Discover the secret to hiding in plain sight! Eco Adventures animals love to play Hide and Seek using their camouflage, can you find them all? We will be using our Owl eyesight to spot these colorful creatures and learn how they blend in so weel!  


Purr-fect Patterns

Why blend in when you can stand out? From poison to pretending, to startle or scare, or sometimes just to look pretty; many animals do their best to stand out. Students will meet some of ECO’s more brightly colored stars and discover the meaning behind their colors and patterns!

Eco Adventures

Shining Stars

Lean back, relax, and look up at the sky! Constellations sparkle in the sky, owls prowl and bats hunt all night. Students will star gaze at the constellations and learn about nocturnal animals!


Eco Adventures

Animal Training

From dogs to dolphins, elephants to crocs, many animals can be trained! At Eco Adventures we train Alligators, Turtles and even DRAGONS! Join our animal trainers and care team to learn training techniques, how to use tools such as a training pole and clicker and even train an animal!

Children hiking in mountains or forest with sport hiking shoes. Girls are walking trough forest path wearing mountain boots and walking sticks. Frog perspective with focus on the shoes.

The Circle Of Life

It's the circle of life! Everything is connected, from the tiniest organism to the towering tree. Students will tug on a food web, create relationships with all living things and meet animals that are all connected! 

Eco Adventures

Fossil Frenzy

Put on your explorers hat, grab your pickaxe and get ready to DIG! Buried deep in the ground are ancient fossils and we will be digging them up! Learn about different types of fossils, gems and other buried relics dating back to the Jurassic era!

camera trap fox

Caught on Camera: Part 2

We found so many awesome animals! (hopefully) So now what? Well my friends it is time to map. Together we will make charts of the different animals visiting around eco, look for patterns, and see if we can answer any of our questions. While giving the foundations of the scientific method,  this class will provide students the chance to put together everything they have learned and share their own discoveries.

Eco-Explorers Outdoor Classes

Eco Adventures

Ages 5-14
10:00-11:30am  $192   

6 weeks

(includes registration fee)

In-Depth Keeper Apprentice Program

Eco Adventures

Every Fridays  

Ages 8+
$70 per class

*Max number 5 students

Jr. ZooKeeper Class

Eco Adventures

Wed Jr. Zookeeper Classes

11 AM - 12 PM
Ages 7+

8 weeks
$175 (includes registration fee)

Mini Explorer's Classes

Eco Adventures

Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays from 9:00-11:00am

10 week session

Session 1:   Sept 13th-Nov 2nd   ages 3-6
$270 (includes reg fee)   DROP OFF ONLY

(Must be potty trained)
Discover! Create! Explore! Use all your senses in this class to learn about the wonderful world of nature, art, and science! Classes may consist of a storybook, meet and interact with animals, and a hands-on activity such as a game/craft/music/experiment/fossil dig/nature scavenger hunt. Each week is a different theme. * Must have a min number for the class to run.


Eco Adventures

Come MONKEY AROUND!! Get together your own group or pod of friends and see animals, play games, do the fossil dig with time to socially interact and PLAY!

Eco Adventures
Eco Adventures
Eco Adventures

Eco Adventures and the Home School Community:

"My 10 year old son and I attended the open house before the grand opening of Eco Adventures in Millersville a year ago. I knew right away that this was a place I wanted my son to attend and I knew it would be wonderful for our family and for the home school community. The staff was willing to work with me and set up a home school class and from the very first adventure we were hooked! 

Each class includes hands on animal experiences and this is the only place I have ever been that always seems to say yes in some fashion to the children — Yes, you can touch this way. Yes, we can do that. Yes, we can bring an animal out to look at and learn about. The atmosphere is relaxed and the children are always engaged and excited to learn. They cover so many topics and always in a way that is fascinating. My son enjoyed the program so much that he started working towards the Junior Assistant program and just this July, after 9 months of preparing, he passed the interview and reached his goal. This will be an excellent addition to his home school transcript and we hope to have a working/school relationship with Eco Adventures for many years to come."

*Please help us spread the word and share with your home school groups. You can get $10 off for a NEW participant registration (max of $30 discount) if they mention your name (You must be an existing customer to receive the discount)

Home School Policies

  • Special Needs – We welcome special needs students to learn and thrive in our hands on learning style at Eco Adventures. In order to maintain the quality of our programs and for your children's and animals' safety, we require that special needs students have adult supervision to assist. Failure to do so, may result in cancellation of registration .
  • COVID UPDATE: Masks must be worn inside. We will temp check and social distance.
  • Please do not bring any toys/ or use of electronics is prohibited
  • Absences: Please notify us when you child will be absent or travel outside of the state.
  • Whenever possible, students will be given different activities/challenges according to their age.
  • Vacation & Sick Policy: You may make up to 1 days of missed home school class anytime during the same session. You must give advance notice to make up class & it will be dependent on availability. If that does not work out you may get one pass to a Jungle Express. No refunds or credits.
  • Snow/Inclement Weather Policy: We will try our best to reschedule for "snow days", or you can make them up on the other day. but if not possible we will give a Jungle Express pass.
  • Discounts: 10% sibling discount except Parent and me - 50% discount
  • Must have a minimum number of 8 students to run the class.
  • Please note that some of our animals may eat peanuts and other varieties of nuts.
  • COVID Safety- We follow strict guidelines: small groups, masks must be worn indoors, outdoors it is optional, social distance, use ventilators and HEPA air purifiers. We temp check and prescreen participants. We sanitize before and after each program.