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How to Book a Program

Ready to book? Our expert staff will guide you through the best options for your organization or school. Need anything? Just ask-

Step 1: Fill out the program form completely. Make sure you include, # kids, grades, theme, option, and address if we are going to you!

Step 2: Once you submit information, we will contact you to confirm the dates and times that we are available for your program within 24hrs-48hrs. If you need immediate confirmation, please call.  

Step 3: Receive a contract via email. Sign it and return to our admin team via email. Voila!

Covid Information:

* Updated 3/5/22 : We provide SAFE field trips. We can do outdoor and indoor programs.
Due to Covid and safety protocols, please have ample space to social distance (outside or in a gym/auditorium is preferable). Masks are optional and we will follow what your organization/school desires to do. At ECO we have HEPA filters and extra ventilation. Please have your students wear masks if they exhibit cold like symptoms and have tested negative for COVID.
All our instructors are vaccinated. We sanitize before and after each station at ECO and have HEPA air filters indoors and extra ventilation. Please note with any COVID updates that this may change at any time to comply with State or County mandates. Prices reflect changes to our programs to abide by all Covid safety guidelines. We thank you for your continued cooperation during the pandemic! 

Eco Adventures
Eco Adventures


School Year Field Trips to ECO: $18 per student/ $12 per chaperones or $360 minimum price (20 students)

After 50+ students, $15 per student/$12 per chaperone

Title1: $14 per student and/or chaperones (must meet minimum price)

*Number of groups depend on # of students.  Can pick from 3 different themes/stations both outside and inside is available based on weather.

Summer FT: $16 per student/chaperones or $320 minimum price. Please note:  Summer field trips are weather dependent.
*50 students max plus teachers
* Up to 1-2 stations for 1 hr field trip. Only available on Fridays 1:30-2:30pm


**Classroom teachers are free. One homeschool organizer per every 15 kids are free. Due to space, we prefer a minimum number of chaperones based on # of students.

** We want you to come experience the best field trip ever!  As a result, in order to make it more affordable, we have lowered prices for 2023 due to increases in bus prices. Please note this are for bookings as of January 1st 2023 only and may change next year.  




$300 for up to 100 people
$400 for up to 200 people
For over 200 people or special events please inquire for pricing

**Themes below

Eco Adventures

OUTREACH / IN-HOUSE FIELD TRIPS – ECO comes to your school

Can't come to us? We come to you! These are dynamic, interactive and FUN programs that have many topics from MD State Next Gen Science Standards. Choose ONE THEME from various options that fit best for your school or camp. Why read about these animals in your textbook or watch a video on the smart board, when you can get them up close and personal? We bring the menagerie to YOU! We customize each program accordingly so if the option or theme is not there-feel free to call us! Eco Adventures also goes to libraries!

Option A2

Two 30-minute, small group presentations for up to 65 participants TOTAL between the 2 groups

*Same theme for both presentations with 1 leader

Option B3

Three 30-minute small group presentations
*For up to 100 participants TOTAL between the 3 groups

*Same theme for all 3 presentations with 1 leader

Option B4

Four 30-minute small group presentations for up to 130 participants TOTAL between the 4 groups.

*Same theme for all presentations with 1 leader.

Option C- Assembly

50 minute presentation
*For up to 65 participants

Option D

(Over 100 + students)
Assembly Style
Two 45-minute back to back assemblies
*For up to 200 participants in each group in an auditorium/gym or outside setting.

* Same theme for both presentations with one leader

Option E

National Geographic's herpetologist/TV personality/book author
Dr. Brady Barr Assembly

Other Fees:

*A travel fee of $75 applies for up to 1 hour away from Eco Adventures.
*Presentations must be back to back- or there is $50 per 30 minute wait fee.

Choose from these themes: Build Your Field Trip, Outreach or Virtual Program: Click on theme for more info. We can customize!


“Take it from someone on the front lines, a recent visiting teacher from Annapolis Area Christian School, who proclaimed: “The best field trip ever and I have been teaching over 20 years .“ Please move forward and plan a visit on The WILD SIDE, where you can touch, see, and “Experience the Extraordinary” at Eco Adventures!”

“WOW! My son had the opportunity to come through Eco Adventures this morning with his class from Woods Memorial. I am a teacher and absolutely was impressed with the smooth way your team ran their adventure today. The presentations were easy to understand and we knew we were dealing with professionals as soon as our program began, so thank you, on this rainy, rainy day. (and I read the Baltimore Sun article from a while ago and, again, wow-80 countries-your training and hard work to bring this location to life is inspiring)”