Howl-o-ween Pizza Party

Friday, October 20th          5:00-7:00pm         Ages: 5+        $25 and Sibling Discount

Grab your costumes and get ready to boogie during our Howl-o-ween Pizza Party! Meet Eco Adventures spooky, smiley, creepy (and cute) creatures, bust a move during our dance party, play Halloween games and make a spooky craft! This is a great chance to try out your costumes before the big night and join in our costume parade.

P.S. Parents- great time to drop off the kids and go out to dinner!

* Pizza, Caprisun, and treats will be provided

Jungle Express - 1 hr program

Eco Adventures

Sun, Sept 24th 1:00-2:00pm 

What is a Jungle Express?? Join us at Eco Adventures for a live animal presentation for the whole family! Each program will have different themes and animals! Meet, touch, tour our facility and learn about some of our most loved animal ambassadors.

Fee: $18 per person (children under 2 are free)
*EMAIL to RSVP with free passes to make sure the program is running.  Must have a minimum of 8 paid participants for the program to run.

* Recommended Ages: 4+


If you don't see a date you would like, call us to book other dates: Every Saturday and Sunday based on availability and must have a minimum of 8 paid participants for it to run.
Prepayment and Pre-registrations are required!!

We update every 2 weeks for future dates ...check back.

To register, please use the "register here' button at the top of this page.
For questions, please email



Eco Adventures
Eco Adventures

Weekend Animal Keeper Apprentice

September 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 16th, 17th, 24th, 30th

October 1st

9am - 11:30    Ages: 7+     $65

Wonder what it is like to be a zookeeper? Led by one of our animal keepers, this in-depth experience is for the older students who are serious about learning animal husbandry and medical care of animals. Students will get to tour around the facility and learn specific information and needs of our animal collection. Students will get to not only encounter animals in our behind the scenes animal room, but assist with animal care, food prep, training, & cleaning. This is a very hands-on experience like no other!

**Spaces is very limited to six participants per day!! Perfect for aspiring Jr. Assistants

Eco Adventures

Feeding Frenzies- MOST POPULAR!!

At Eco Adventures:  Bring your whole family in for a special Feeding Frenzy Tour! As scheduling allows, we have time slots on weekends or any evening after 5:30pm M-F:  email to inquire about availability.

Sign up for a private and safe one-hour "behind the scenes" tour of Eco Adventures where you can feed and interact with some of our most beloved animals.   Learn and meet some of our rescued animal's stories. Discover what it takes to be an Animal Keeper or a Trainer and care for over 100 animals at Eco Adventures.

It's a Feeding Frenzy out here - as YOU experience the thrill of feeding some animals: Can be training a gator or a croc, or even a dragon!
AND/OR give some enrichment by offering some animals their of their favorite "toys", foods, running ball, or even some cuddle time with our hedgehog, rat, or opossum or 35 lb tortoise- Hercules! Meet and interact with the favorites like snakes, lizards, and gators!

Price:  This is a one of a kind opportunity for you to experience Eco Adventures in a more private setting with just your family/friends, led by one of our animal care specialists.  $50 per person, with 3 person minimum or $150 min. For over 8 people or more, it is $45 per person. If you would like a green screen souvenir with a animal, $10 per photo.

*Perfect for small parties, celebrations, or family gatherings! Recommended ages 4+

Email us to book an appointment at

Testimonial Dear Eco Adventures Team, My family came in for a feeding frenzy on Saturday, June 13th, and I just wanted to thank you all for making it such an incredible experience! Ms. Amanda and Ms. Jessica were absolutely amazing! They were super knowledgeable, and took the time at each station to let us really enjoy and appreciate each animal! They were also extremely patient and kind with my children, especially when guiding them in holding and feeding the animals. My kids left on Saturday with huge smiles on their faces, and they are inspired now more than ever to work with animals when they get older! This experience was such a highlight and bright spot amid all the changes and things they've had to miss out on, and Ms. Amanda and Ms. Jessica are what made this such a wonderful memory for our family. Thank you all again for everything!!!! Sincerely, Amanda Smith  
Eco Adventures

Jungle Plays!

JUNGLE PLAYS    $15 per child ages 2+

Fridays 10am-11am:  Sept 22nd, 29th, Oct 6th, Oct 13th, 20th , 27th ** Sign up for all 6 classes for a reduced price! $60 total**

Saturday, Sept 16th 3-4pm

Thursdays 10am-11am: Sept 28th, Oct 19th, Nov 30th

Special Halloween Play Trick or Treating 10am-11am: Oct 31st

Mondays 10am-11am: Nov 13th

Come MONKEY Around in our Jungle and book a 1 hour PLAY session with our animals! Visitors will meet, touch, and PLAY with some of our most loved animal ambassadors for 30 mins, then kids can get the wiggles out and PLAY in our fossil dig/rec area while parents socialize. Can't go wrong here-kids can get exercise, socialize, play with animals all in a SAFE environment while parents take a breather-  Go ahead sign all deserve a break!

*Recommended for prek-elem ages


Eco Adventures


Wizarding World Family Experience

November 18th    6:00-7:30PM     $40 per person

Attention Witches, Wizards and Muggles: You are cordially invited to join Hogwarts School of Wizardry for an evening of fun! We will be bringing the world of Wizarding to Eco Adventures and transforming our rainforest into the Hogwarts Great Hall. Once accepted into the wizardry program, you will soon receive your very own invitation by "Owl mail".  Whether you arrive by broom, train, or flying car, you will be whisked away into the castle where you can get to know your fellow witches and wizards. There, your group will be sorted by none other than our talking sorting hat!  You will be entertained with a show of our menagerie of fantastical beasts, from “Scabbers” to alligators, to the grandest serpent of them all 14 foot python”!  It won’t be complete without a friendly competition between houses of course. You can earn points for your house by answering trivia questions, wand dueling, or being a brave volunteer!  Be sure to save room for dessert, we will be featuring everyone’s favorite sweets and treats at our Honeydukes dessert station and kid-friendly “Butterbeer”  after the show!

Before you leave, don’t forget your Green Screen photo souvenir where you get to pose with one of our featured magical creatures with a wizarding background of your choice with your party. This magical night is open to both adults and children, and guests are welcome to come dressed for the occasion, but costumes are not required. Use of dark magic is not permitted for any reason.

There is limited seating in the Great Hall, so make your reservations NOW!

*Recommended for ages 5+

*Included: Owl invitation, interactive show, dessert and candy bar, green screen picture with a featured animal and unforgettable experience.

Night Ows! Meet our new Screech Owls!

Night Owls…. Meet our New Screech Owls!!  DATE TBA   7-8pm  

$20 per person (ages 3 and over)


Are you a night owl? If so this family program is perfect for you!  See who’s lurking in the dark? Howling at the moon? Soaring through the night? Slithering through the garden? It’s nighttime in the jungle!  Encounter a “lighting and thunderstorm” and see the Northern Lights as our nocturnal party guests will head into the foggy darkness to meet some of our nocturnal creatures up close!   We will bring out our “Fear factor” challenge and meet some glowing scorpions, and creepy tarantulas, and maybe try edible bugs! Meet our new Screech owls and learn how they find their prey in the darkness, watch hedgehogs hunt for worms at night, and eyeshine for alligators!  Then finish with an owl craft to take home.  The sunset will be setting at Eco Adventures… with our creatures of the night!

*Green Screen is available after the program for $10 per picture.

Eco Adventures