Summer Camps 2021


Summer Camps 2021

Each of our award-winning specialty camps are themed and designed to get kids excited about our natural world. From Creature Careers, Marine Biology, Art camp, Survival, Animal Training and even Wizarding Worlds...At Eco Adventures, we believe in kids "doing" not watching. Whether it's through a hands-on encounter with one of our live animal ambassadors, an experience in our simulated rainforest, an activity in our outdoor classrooms, wild crafts, games/competitions, fossil dig, or a demo by visiting scientists...let your child ignite their passion for the outdoors! Let your kids "Go Wild" this summer.... at a rainforest near you! Experience the Extraordinary! We will continue to follow all COVID safety protocols and had a successful 2020 summer camp season. Schedule a tour today.
All camps include:
*Instructor and Jr. Assistant/CIT volunteer per group
* Sanitation team to sanitize between rotations
* Water Friday- with ECO sluice, fossil dig, and tonging for oysters
*Snow cone snack
*At least one weekly entertainer or guest speaker depending on the theme
*guaranteed FUN!

Scroll to Bottom of Page for Important Camp Info & Policies. Please email us your questions and concerns and we would be happy to answer them! 


IMPORTANT CAMP INFORMATION AT A GLANCE: Scroll down for more details on protocols

Camp Hours:
*All camps are 9am-4pm, Before Care begins at 8 AM and Aftercare ends at 5 PM ($10/day for one or $18/day for both)
* Extended after care is available until 5:30pm
*There is a yearly registration fee of $15
Age Groups:
Campers will be divided into groups: Trailblazers (ages 4-5) & (6-8) ECO Explorers (9-11) & Counselors in Training (ages 11+)
Each week is different price depending on theme. Daily camps are $95 per day unless otherwise noted

** $20 off each week of camp at April Open House (no other discount can be applied) ONLY valid for this day -and automatically be taken off
*Early bird discount of $10 off each week-long camp until March 15th .
*$20 off each sibling discount per WEEK of camp CODE: SIB20. CANNOT use on first child. Only siblings.
*Sign up for all 11 weeks of camp $300 per week/ $275 sibling * NO other discounts apply
*Please note adjustments will be made if there are two codes used. We will give you the better discount.

**COVID UPDATE ON MASKS: It is mandated by Youth Camps Associations of Maryland, that all people must wear masks indoors. Outdoors is not required by we will social distance whenever possible. All of our staff will be vaccinated.

FUN in the SUN staggered days Kindergarten Camp AND SEPT 7th for ALL AGES 5-11

September 8th, 9th , 10th, 13th, 14th
Ages 4-6
$95 per day or $300/Week

September 7th ages 5-11 FUN IN THE SUN last day before school CAMP $95 per day

School is almost upon us, so let’s have one more week of Fun in the Sun! This week will be full of fun outdoor activities, in addition to our usual animal interactions, crafts, creative snacks, and games. We will go outside for fun summer games, and even have animal races! Bring your bathing suits every day for our Field Games Days where we have fun with a variety of different water games, and even explore our Eco Mining Company water feature where campers can mine for fossils and gold, then cool off with our sluice and sprinklers while cleaning your fossils and gold. Can sign up per day or week.

Eco Sampler Camp Week & One Day Camps

June 21st - 25th & August 30th - September 3rd

Start off your summer with a bang and see why we won the Best Summer Camp Award! Can’t choose just one camp, or want to try out a new theme? This week is the perfect week to explore all we have to offer and each day is a different theme, where you are able to sign up for individual days or the whole week. Each day will include creative snacks, crafts, and games to go along with each theme, Dept. of Nat Resources Rescue dog and guest speaker, and of course- our one of a kind animal interactions! Sign up now so you don’t miss out on this fun-filled week!
Monday: Wilderness Survival
Tuesday: Animal Trainer
Wednesday: Creature Careers
Thursday: Treasure Quest
Friday: Marine Biology
-June Eco Sampler: featuring a DNR service Dog visit
-August Eco Sampler: featuring guest entertainers - Dog show!

ECO-SAMPLER I- $95 per day or $385 per week
ECO-SAMPLER II- $400 per week just opened single day camps!! 8/28/21

IMG_2729 (1)

Wilderness Survival

June 21st

& Aug 30th

$95 per day


Animal Training & Enrichment

June 22nd

& Aug 31st

$95 per day


Creature Careers

June 23rd

& Sept 1st

$95 per day


Treasure Quest: Lost Idol

June 24th

& Sept 2nd

$95 per day

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NEW Marvelous Marine Biology

June 25th

& Sept 3rd

$95 per day


Art on the Wild side: Color Your World

June 28th - July 2nd


Animal X-Games

June 28th - July 2nd



Wizarding World: Fantastic Beasts

July 5th - 9th

OR NEW OPTION $325 for 4 day option Tues-Friday


NEW Marvelous Marine Biology

July 12th - 16th


Animal Training & Enrichment

July 19th - 23rd

IMG_2729 (1)

Wilderness Survival Camp

July 26th - 30th



Treasure Quest: Lost Idol

August 2nd - 6th

WAR HP 8965b-Large

NEW World of Wizarding: Triwizard Tournament

August 16th - 20th


Creature Careers

August 23rd - 27th


NEW Marvelous Marine Biology II

August 9th - 13th


Specialty Summer Camps-


Animal Keeper Apprentice

Every Friday in the Summer and some Wednesdays.
Ages 9+
10 AM - 1 PM $70
10 AM - 4 PM $100 Full day on Fridays only

photo (5)

Eco Explorers Outdoor Walk on the Wild side Fieldtrip Camp- FULL

August 2nd - 5th
4 days
Space is Limited to 10 campers


Fossil Beach Trip-FULL

July 15th
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Ages 7+

SUMMER CAMPS 2021-ARE YOU READY??.... BECAUSE your kids deserve some much-needed FUN !!!

Like a facility tour? Call us 410-987-1300

Each camp is themed and is designed to get kids excited about our natural world. Whether it's providing campers with a once in a lifetime experience with an endangered species, learn new skills from an expert, discover newfound confidence from one of our knowledgeable instructors, or simply make new friends in a safe and stimulating environment. From nature hikes, outdoor classrooms, animal interactions, crafts, games, field trips, guest speakers to learning about careers animal training, and animal care. Do your child a favor and let them take a walk on the wild side at Eco Adventures this summer!  Go ahead... "Experience the Extraordinary"!!  

* Scroll down for policies

Why Eco Adventures Camp? We are UNIQUE and like no other. Here is why:

Our Staff

Meet Eco Adventures staff From the owners who just so happen to be world-renowned explorers from National Geographic scientist and marine biologist to animal rescuers, naturalists, animal trainers, and more! We are professional, trained educators. The Executive Director has 24+ years of experience with leading, organizing, and developing camps from the Miami Seaquarium, Parrot Jungle and Gardens, National Audubon Society, National Aquarium and more!

We also have mentored many previous campers and have now HIRED them to lead camps as counselors! Not only do they KNOW camps, but they are a FUN and important part of your child's camp experience. We pride ourselves on our training from animal safety to first aide/CPR certifications and are certified with NO violations from the MD Dept. of Health Camp Association and never any SAFETY violations ever! Lastly, all of our staff has been additionally trained on the new CDC safety guidelines and safety procedures for preventing illness.

COVID-19 Protocols and Safety:

The safety of your children, our staff and animals are the upmost priority.  We had a successful 2020 summer camp with the new COVID protocols and procedures.  Here are just a few guidelines.

We have had already one very successful camp 2020 in the pandemic and are ready for 2021! Based on guidance by the Governor of Maryland and in consultation with county officials, we are thrilled to announce that camps will continue with lesser restrictions this summer. Eco Adventures will be operating under MD Youth Camp Association and CDC guidelines to provide a safe and illness preventative environment for all participants. We feel, that we have enacted a plan that not only ensures the safety and well-being of our employees and participants but also allows for plenty of enrichment and fun for all campers.

1. Eco Adventures will have groups of 15 kids or less with the same instructor each day. There will not be any mixing of groups and social distancing will be enforced in a competitive, but fun manner when other groups are around in the same area.
2. Eco Adventures staff will be the same staff the entire camp. All staff and volunteers ages 16 and up will be vaccinated and wear masks indoors. Children are also required to wear masks indoors only. Masks outside are optional.
3. The facility will be thoroughly disinfected several times throughout the day and after each rotation.
4. Every child will be screened/have their temperature taken, before admittance each day. Any child running a fever or showing signs of illness will not be admitted. There will be staggered outside car drop-offs and pickups.
5. Parents will be required to sign a pre-screening health questionnaire.
6. All persons entering Eco Adventures will be required to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before entry, which we will provide.
7. Hand washing will take place numerous times a day, in addition to other sanitizing procedures with several administrative staff to supervise sanitation and safety procedures.
8. Parents are not allowed inside ECO adventures in order to ensure the least amount of exposure indoors. Guests will follow same protocols.
There are many more changes, and safety procedures that we have implemented, to ensure a fun yet safe learning environment for all, in which the details will be forthcoming.

In closing, we understand these are scary and stressful times, and that our children have been deprived of much during social isolation (we are parents too), being away from school, their friends, youth sports, support groups, etc, and we also realize the importance of inching out of isolation and moving forward for our children's mental health, if only in baby steps. In saying this, we are confident that Eco Adventures has several areas to spread out to both indoors and outdoors for your safest summer camp option, and are confident that Eco Adventures is taking every step to offer you and your child the safest camp experience during these unprecedented times. Please fee free to email us with questions or schedule a tour of our facility. Note the protocols can change at any time. Email us at :

Eco Adventures will continue to monitor the situation and stay abreast of any and all changes and recommendations from the CDC and Association of American Camps. Feel confident that we at Eco Adventures are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of your children, and are taking into consideration all of your concerns and suggestions, as we move forward with our summer camps. We look forward to creating much-needed memorable experiences during a difficult time for all and we thank you for your continued support and patience.

Mei Len Sanchez- Barr and Dr. Brady Barr

Instructor/ Student ratio:

We will be splitting up campers into age-appropriate groups of 15 or less with one instructor and one Counselor in training or Junior Assistant.  We try to accommodate sibling requests and friend requests when needed. Each group will be with their own instructor the whole time without mixing groups.  They will rotate from station to station (crafts, games/activity, animals, snacks, inside air-conditioning downtime) following one-way only directions and will travel to each station. Instructor's aides and admin staff/interns/volunteers will also assist in the stations as well and will get campers from a station and take them to the restroom inside/help with the next station set up and sanitation in between stations. Lastly, the Director and Assistant Camp Director will be there to oversee the camp and her administrative staff to assist with the logistics and the safety of the camp. 

What to Expect

What to Expect- Eco Adventures Camp
We’re on our way to a FUN week! Here is additional information and reminders you need to know:

• Before & After Care: We offer before care beginning at 8am and after care until 5:00pm *OR extended care until 5:30pm for an extra fee. Cost is $10 per day for one or the other, or $17 per day for both. * Extended care $15 per day. If needed, email us with what day(s) you will need. They will go inside to watch a movie while observing social distancing. Drop off and pick up at the door. Show pick up pass. Ring doorbell on the left.
• CHECK IN/DROP OFF: Each morning we are implementing outside CAR drop off & pick up through a drop off line. PROCEED TO THE SECOND ENTRANCE BY AMERICAN CEDAR & MILLWORK THE KITCHEN AND TURN LEFT. LOOP BEHIND OUR BUILDING. Staff will be outside directing you. We are required to perform a daily screenings and temperatures. If your child is exhibiting a temperature 100.4 or greater or any signs of illness, he/she will not be allowed at camp. Please do not have your child get out of the car until a staff member has been by to perform the daily screening and cleared him/her to join their group.
• In order to have drop off be as smooth and efficient as possible, please roll your windows down ahead of time when we arrive at your car and make sure you camper is READY TO GO with mask, backpack, water bottle, ALREADY applied sunscreen etc so you do not hold up the line.

• A-E 8:40-8:45 F-I 8:45-8:50 J-P 8:55-9:00 Q-S 9:00-9:05 T-Z 9:05-9:10
• PICK UP: Starts at 3:45 pm- 4:00pm. You will be given a colored piece of paper with your child’s group color and name on the first day. Place in your right hand side window or dash board for BOTH morning and afternoon ALL WEEK. This will speed up the process. We will have staff members/CIT’s/volunteers outside escorting your child to your car. In order to minimize exposure risk, we ask that parents remain in their car during drop off and pick up. If you have another person picking up, please supply them with a photo of your pick up pass to show or ask for another copy.
• FORMS ONLINE: You must have filled out all ONLINE forms at no later than one week before the start of camp. Any child under 5 or any age with a medical condition MUST have a note from their physician stating that they are clear to attend camp.
• COVID UPDATES: Please note all of our staff (16 and over) has been vaccinated but will continue to wear masks indoors and whenever we cannot social distance outside.
• FACE COVERINGS: As mandated by MD Youth Camp Association, ALL children must wear a mask inside and practice social distancing of 3ft inside. Outside, masks are optional but will practice 2ft social distancing whenever possible. Please be sure they keep it readily available. If your child forgets a mask, they can use their bandanas that will be given to them on the first day. We have extra ventilation, HEPA filters in the rooms, sanitize and open the doors for fresh air throughout the day.
• SPECIAL NEEDS/ALLERGIES/MEDS: Please let us know BEFORE camp of any special needs so we can be prepared and better assist your child and remind us during drop off time. New this year: Any meds, must be administered by a parent unless it is a life-saving medication such as an epipen. You must have a medical authorization form filled out and signed by pediatrician.
• Each week, depending on the theme, we will have guest speakers and entertainers. All visitors will be pre-screened, required to wear masks, and practice social distancing.
• Tick season: Although we spray for ticks and mosquitos professionally, please spray your child with bug repellant each morning and perform a tick check each evening.
• Groups: Groups will be pre-assigned before the first day of camp. This year, different aged siblings will be placed in their appropriate age group, unless requested to be together by the parent. If your child wants to be paired with a friend or relative, PLEASE LET US KNOW NOW. Please email requests to After that, we will do our best to meet requests but cannot guarantee it if it’s one week away. Staff Child ratio 15:2 There are 15 campers per 1 lead instructor and Jr. Assistant volunteer/CIT, plus an instructor aide at each station Although there will be no mixing of groups, each group will receive a group color and will be competing por the most points throughout the week. Show your spirit and earn points for your team! _________________________________________________________________________________________
The OTHER “411”:
• WHAT TO BRING: Apply sunscreen and bug spray before camp every day. Can wear cap/hat, sneakers. (no flip flops) Bring a small backpack with a water bottle, peanut-free lunch, spray sunscreen if needed, and one snack. They will be given ice pops as an afternoon snack every day, if you wish your child to have something different please pack a second snack as well.

• FUN FRIDAYS: WEAR TEAM COLOR SHIRT-We will be playing field games and games in which the kids may get wet. Wear a bathing suit underneath, if desired, wear shoes they can get wet in/water shoes. Pack a small towel/change of clothes/shoes in case they are needed. Campers can not go barefoot. Cool off with Mr. Rob’s snow cones on Friday. Wednesday Crazy Hair Day & Friday – Wear Your Team Colors Day. Please make note!!
• Please do not bring any toys, electronics, or valuables. Please LABEL everything with your child’s name on it and remember to pick up crafts daily. Any lost and found items after 2 weeks will be donated.

• JUNGLE SHOP: At the end of the day on WEDNESDAY, we will announce jungle shopping, you may bring $ for small souvenirs items are .50-$20 Please label $ in a zip lock bag with your child’s name. We will give those kids that do not bring anything something from the treasure box. Social distancing will be maintained during shopping time. We have Dr. Brady Barr (co-owner) Nat Geo books that he can also sign and personalize $7-$15. Tee shirts $13. If you would like to purchase a white ECO logo tee shirt, please let us know what size Youth XS, S, M, L, XL or Adult sizes.

• Who’s who: We have full camps, so this year we have 3-4 camp administrators to assist with registration, camp administration, boo boos, behavior/special needs/allergies,/anything parents need as well as camp rotations, sanitation, and supervision. Tie dyed shirts are instructors, white shirts are junior assistants/CIT’s/volunteers. Blue polo shirts are administrative staff.

• Behavior Policy: As stated in the forms, just a friendly reminder of this policy that if my child(ren) does not consistently follow the safety rules and rules of conduct, the child may be expelled from the program without a refund.

• If you would like to sponsor an animal, make a donation, or donate produce/items from our wish list, please see our website. P.S. We always need newspaper!
CIT’S (Counselor in Training) INFORMATION
• CAMP HOURS FOR CIT’S ARE FROM 8:15am4:30 pm Please drop off at the door.
*If your CIT would like to stay until 5pm to work with animals. Please let us know.
*If your CIT missed the training last Saturday, it is Ok and we will catch him/her up when they come in on the first day.
*If they would like a white ECO shirt(not required), please bring $13 on the first day or email us with size. All other information above also pertains to the CITS except the drop off times and procedures.

We realize the past year has been very difficult for all- including your children during the pandemic. We are REALLY looking forward to making this the best, safest, most fun camp experience- as they truly deserve it! We also thank you for trusting us with your kids as we would not be here without our supporters. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions or feedback. We look forward to a great week of camp!
See you later...Alligator!
Mei Len Sanchez-Barr Lydia Shreeve
Director Assistant Camp Director

• Please note procedures can change with new Covid protols.

Fossil Dig/ECO Mining Sluice/ NEW exhibit: Aladdin's Market Place!!

Campers will experience the ECO Mining Co. a “Wild West Water Stop” feature just out back of the ECO Bunkhouse, where we have our sluices set up and the ore is rich (we hope…). Prospectors will learn all about gold/silver mining, how to prospect, pan for gold and look for fossils, how to use a sluice, introduction to critters we may run into in the wild west, different ways to excavate, and even how to identify precious gems and real fossils!! At the end of their shift, the lucky miners (everyone) will get to weigh their findings at the Gold Dust Gulch Trading Post, where they can swap their nuggets for something they can actually take home!! The sluice boxes are a little leaky and the old Water Stop is unpredictable at best, so on this day, bring your swim suits and prepare to get wet!!

 ECO Oyster Reef! Participants will putting on their waterman hats and tonging for Oysters at the all new Eco Oyster Reef!  Utilizing, age old techniques and tools, campers will test their skill at bringing up oysters, shark teeth, and other fossils with their tonging skills.  Many of our oysters contain pearls, so if campers get lucky, you will find an oyster with a pearl!  Learn about how it makes this precious jewel and learn about its anatomy! 

New this year: Aladin's Market Place exhibit: This interactive touch station will exhibit will show some cool animals in a middle eastern setting of a market place.

NEW “CIT” (Counselor in Training) Program:

For ages 11+ . Does your child have a high interest in animals, assisting with children, developing real world skills, (teamwork, leadership, responsibility), and learning about creature careers? We open up 5 spots for each camp and pair them up with an ECO Jr. Assistant that will help mentor them. Each CIT and Jr. Assistant will assist the Lead instructor in a group rotation. CITS will also participate in all the activities such as snack, craft, games, interactions etc while assisting with the group. Do you have what it takes? This is requirement for aspiring Jr. Assistants. Fee is the same as the themed camp. Call to inquire. Must attend a ZOOM meeting training prior to camp in June 5th 9:00-11:30am. MUST be 11 years old or older.


Each of our AWARD WINNING specialty camps are themed and designed to get kids excited about our natural world. Our expertise is a hands on, up close and personal, interactive approach to learning. At Eco Adventures we believe in kids "doing" not watching. Whether its through a hands-on encounter with one of our over one hundred live animal ambassadors, an experience in our simulated rain forest, an activity in our outdoor classroom, wild crafts and games, fossil dig, a demonstration by a visiting scientist, or guided lesson by one of our professional staff members, will all ignite your child's senses and passion for our natural world. Let your kids "go wild" this summer, at a rainforest near you...Eco Adventures...they may never come home!

2020 changes:  *Due to Covid-19 and CDC requirements some activities may be changing to meet the safety guidelines. but will still meet daily crafts, games, animal interaction, team activities, snack time, guest speakers, fossil dig, water Friday FUN
*Subject to change as restrictions lessen.

*This year we are committed to making this summer- EXTRA special, EXTRA FUN for the kids! They deserve and need it!  On top of the weekly themes, we will have friendly competitions between groups/teams to encourage spirit, fun, and following the new rules such as social distancing.   Teams/groups can gain points for good behaviors, following rules, spirit, and teamwork, but can also get deducted points for not following rules (such as social distancing). Perhaps this will encourage them to try! Winner gets extra special treasure box gift at the end of the camp. (all of them get something at the end) and a picture with their group and trophy to post winners on our FB page.


* we will be bringing in some FUN entertainment, whether it is a Magician, Training/DNR/park ranger guest speakers, a submarine, Rescue Dogs, or Dog Show...

*Fridays will be FIELD Days- where kids can play fun, outdoor field games and have Mr. Rob's Famous Snow cones!

Snack Time:

This year, unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we ask that parents pack one snack and a lunch.   We feel the kids deserve a little cooling off and break from the norm.  As a result, we will be providing a daily afternoon "pop" for kids to cool off. Should you not want this, please make sure you pack an extra snack.  As always, let us know if your child has allergies.  Fridays- Mr. Rob will be coming with SNOW CONES!


What's a camp without games? Our dynamic and fun games encourage cooperative learning, physical activity, and team-building skills. We provide outdoor relay games and obstacle courses, creative games, as well as trivia games for the mind all while social distancing. Campers will be put in a colored group (we will provide colored bandanas) where they will compete with the other groups by gaining points throughout the week for good behavior, team spirit, chants, challenges, and more! The winners get to take a picture with the infamous trophy and their picture posted on Facebook.  

Arts and crafts:

At Eco Adventures, kids are encouraged use their imagination and allow their inner Picasso to shine as they create crafts, art projects, and experiments to take home. We try to encourage recycled materials for crafts. The Art Camp provides them to get more in-depth with various mediums of art forms.

All crafts are related to the theme.

Guest Speakers:

We provide guest speakers that provide demonstrations from various institutions such as DNR, National Geographic, National Aquarium in Baltimore, animal trainers, marine biologists, divers, Dog training shows, Dog sport races, magician, Park rangers/DNR, Fidos for Freedom, Bird of Prey handler, Owls from Irvine Nature center, and more!

All guests entering the building will be prescreened, temp checked and masks will be worn.

Or performers will be outdoors whenever possible.


$20 off each sibling discount per week of camp . Please use CODE: SIB20. CANNOT use on first child. Only siblings.
*Sign up for all 11 weeks of camp $300 per week/ $275 sibling * no other discounts apply
*Please note adjustments will be made if there are two codes used. We will give you the better discount.


We have a limited number of scholarships for those in financial need. Please send us an email explaining why your child is in need and deserves a chance at the scholarship. First come first serve. Deadline is April 1st, 2020.  

Camp Policies

Registration/Cancellation/refund Policy:

Registration closes on the Thursday before the week of camp begins. If trying to register for a camp after the Thursday before, please call 410-987-1300 for space availability.

If possible, we ask that you please register at least two weeks in advance so we can make the appropriate staff/materials/supplies preparations. We do take last minute registrations but know that it is based on space availability.

*We charge a $15 non-refundable registration yearly campdocs fee.

*There is a $50 cancellation or change fee if you cancel within 3 weeks of the camp as you were taking up a spot.

Eco Adventures 2021 Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy- see top of the page and click on the button

If the need arises to cancel a registration, no refunds will be given at this time. However, you can change to a different camp based on availability OR a credit will be issued for our future programs such as one-day camps or summer in-house camps, birthday parties, Earth Day/any special events, Scout sleepover programs, Open Plays/Jungle Expresses, Behind the scenes "Feeding Frenzies", and Jungle Plays.  Cancellation insurance IS available through camp docs. Please note this policy may change at any time. We thank you for your understanding and your continued support during the pandemic. We welcome concerns and questions via email.

Inclement Weather cancellation: Should there be any camp closings due to weather, you must make up the day within the 2021 camp season or throughout the next school year -based on space availability. Please note this is NOT credited to your account to use for any program. It is a CAMP make-up day and it is based on space availability. Please email us to inquire. It also expires before summer ends.

Due to Covid protocols and over a hundred credit spots to fill... space is extremely limited. If you need to cancel a camp, kindly let us know as soon as possible so we can release your space. If you are unsure of registration during COVID pandemic, please do not hold the spot. You can always use credit next year. If you must cancel, with less than 3 weeks before the camp, there is a $50 cancellation/administration fee. If you have additional credit, the $50 fee will be taken out of your credit. If it is less than 1 week, you lose half the value of the camp credit as you have taken up an eligible spot. If we are able to fill your spot, (on a waitlist) we will not take ½ your credit and only a $50 cancellation fee will apply. We thank you for your understanding.

Sick policy/health prescreening:

This year as well, our sick policy is extremely rigid in order to keep your children and our staff safe. We will be prescreening campers and temperature checking daily. If a child shows up exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms such as runny nose, coughing, fever, or stomach bug we cannot let your child participate.

*If your child has seasonal allergies (and thus a runny nose) or an underlying medical condition, we must have a doctor's note stating this and permission to participate. No exceptions.

*If your child gets sick during camp, the child will be isolated in the triage tent where he/she will wait with an adult to be picked up.

*In the past, we have been very flexible with make-ups but this year, we are not allowing make-ups unless the child has a doctor's note to come back and there is availability in another camp. No refunds or credits will be given. You may still purchase camp insurance should your child get sick during the camp (not COVID related reason to cancel). Please see for details.

* Make-up days are NOT credit and the make-up days must be made up by the end of the summer camp or next school year.

*If your child or a family member has tested positive, please contact us ASAP.

We will then contact trace and notify all parties of possible exposure.

*If a family member has contracted COVID- but your child is negative, you still have to keep your child home 2 weeks after the family members have completely recovered. We thank you for your understanding as we enforce this rule as so much is at stake.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this very serious policy.

Before & After Care

Before Care from 8am Or After Care until 5pm

Extended after care is now an option for $15 per day until 5:30pm

New Before & After Care Hours For Summer Camps:

Before Care from 8 am- After Care until 5:00 pm- this will be indoors. A movie will be provided- campers will be social distanced 3ft apart. Please let us know if you need until 5:30pm.

Price is $10/day or Both for $18/day

or $15/day for extended aftercare until 5:30pm

Tax Information

Our TAX EIN # 80-0921094. You can print out your campdocs account receipt with our tax ID number.

If you need a customized receipt for tax purposes, please give us at least 2 weeks notice due to the high amount of requests.


Please let us know of any allergies in advance on the form. Must have Doctor's form filled out for any epipens or oral medications.  We ask that children with peanut/nut allergies and multiple allergies bring snacks from home. Please note that we do have some animals that eat peanuts/nuts but will not be around any human eating areas.   Parents must check the ingredients for that day to make sure it is OK for their child to eat.

Special Needs:

Parents MUST notify us upon registration (prior) to the camp if your child has ANY special needs (ADHD, autism, or any physical or behavioral problems), allergies, or any other special requirements so we can be prepared and staffed appropriately. Although we have had experience with, we are not trained professionals for special needs. Please note that this high energy camp may not be for everyone. Some of our rotations may switch thirty minutes at a time. Children with difficulties in making transitions, noise, high stimuli, may not respond well to this camp. We recommend to continue school routines with your child: If your child has ADHD medication, a weighted vest, or is in a program at school we recommend you continue the routine.

Failure to do this or improper/unmanageable behavior during camp can result in cancellation of your child's registration WITHOUT a refund as your child has taken up a spot. Thank you for your understanding.



*For example: you can use either sibling or early bird whichever is greater.   As a small family business, we thank you for helping us keep our costs down. Receive 2 free open play/Jungle Express/Earth Passes if you pay by cash or checks. (value of $26) Payment plans are available, please call to inquire.

    *Sibling Discount: $20 off for ADDITIONAL siblings for week long camps (not first child).
    *Open House Disscount: April 10th $20 off each week-long camp online all day ONLY valid for this day -and automatically be taken off.
    (no other discount can be applied)
    *Early Bird Discount: of $10 off each week-long camp until March 15th . EB10 code
    *Sign up for all 11 weeks of camp $300 per week/ $250 sibling * no other discounts apply
    *Please note adjust.
    ments will be made if there are two codes used. We will give you the better discount.

COVID SICK policy/of of state travel policy

Out of State travel policy:

If your child is exhibiting any cold-like symptoms, nausea, or fever, or has traveled outside of the state, please keep your child home. If your child is fever/symptom/vomit-free after a full 24 hrs, (and all family members are not sick), he/she may return. If symptoms continue, since we do not know if it is a cold/stomach bug or COVID, we would need for your child to sit out for 7-10 days from the first sign of symptoms or upon return of travel OR bring us negative COVID test results.

If your child or family member has tested positive, please contact us ASAP.

If a family member has contracted COVID- but your child is negative, you still have to keep your child home 2 weeks after the family members have completely recovered.

There are no credit/refunds applied to your account but your child can make up the week of camp during the summer season of 2021 if space is available. please note: There may be a price difference.
Thank you for your understanding and your honesty.