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Before & After Care, STEAM, & Nature Nuts


Award Winning Before & After School Club

**Voted 1st Place for Best Afterschool Program 2016 by Severna Park Voice!

After School 2017 – 2018 Clubs

Take a walk on the wild side with the Eco Explorers club--an adventurous alternative to the traditional afterschool program! Students will have the opportunity to interact with different animals, assist with animal care, develop their own projects, connect with nature, play games, occasionally go on field trips, and much more! Each day of after school will include homework help and snack time before students begin their afternoon activities. Every Eco Explorer will be then be assigned an animal care chore that they work on each day they are at Eco Adventures. Students also learn life skills that can ultimately assist them in their future goals. We even had our first after school alumni going to University of Maryland in the Fall! He became a Jr. Assistant, then a volunteer, and is now a staff member!

Mondays & Wednesdays - the perfect days for students who want to focus on animal care and husbandry. They can feed animals, including feeding and playing with our new baby kinkajou! Help clean enclosures, take weights and measurements, walk, bathe and feed our 50 lb Sulcata tortoise, Max, & much more! Also includes some cool experiments that involve science and the arts in fun ways.

Tuesdays - Training Tuesdays are specifically about enrichment for animals and animal training. Also includes some animal husbandry.

Thursdays - It's SHOWTIME! We will spend time working on animal presentation skills and special projects. Kids will pick a topic, develop, produce and present to Assisted Living Centers and parents. Creativity is a must!

Fridays- a day of mixed up fun! Eco Exploresrs will get hands on with animals, participate in crafts or games, go on field trips, work on ongoing projects such as gardening and eco planning, and most importantly - have fun!

*Wednesdays & Thursdays will offer a range of activities for all students, but it is a great day for aspiring Junior Assistants and Counselors in Training. Activities subject to change.


  • Please be on time to pick up your children. Parents will be subject to a late pick up fee after 5 minutes.
  • Do not bring any toys & electronics.
  • Notify us if your child will be absent (especially if your child is scheduled for van pick up).
  • Sick Policy: You may make up to 2 days of missed class anytime during the same session. You must give advance notice to make up class & it is dependent on availability. If that does not work out you may get one pass to a Jungle Express. If there is a closing due to snow/weather you may make up the day. No refunds or credits.
  • Vacation Policy: You may make up to 2 consecutive days for miss vacation days. You must give advance notice to make up class & it is dependent on availability.
  • You may add on a day (a la carte). You must give us 2 days advance notice to do so & it is dependent on availability for that day.
  • Snow/Inclement Weather Policy: If Anne Arundel County Schools close, Eco Adventures is closed. If AACPS let out early, you are responsible for pick up. If AACPS cancels afterschool activities, Eco Adventures is still open unless we notify you otherwise.
  • Special Needs: We welcome special needs students to learn and thrive in our hands-on learning style at Eco Adventures. In order to maintain the quality of our programs and for your children's and animals' safety, we require parents notify us of special needs such as ADHD, autism, behavioral problems, physical or medical disabilities, or allergies) Failure to do so, may result in cancellation of registration without a refund if the child becomes disruptive or fails to follow program rules, safety rules, and policies. We are not special needs experts as stated in our camp policy form.
  • Payment plans must be paid in full before starting the next session.

Full Steam Ahead

NEWS FLASH!!! Eco Adventures has done the impossible!!! They've made STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), super exciting and…wait for it…..kid friendly!! That's right kid friendly, meaning that kids simply cannot get enough of what we're offering. Drawing upon Eco Adventures' unique resources, special talents, and keen minds, our education team has created a dynamic, kid approved, set of STEAM activities that get kids excited! We know…because we've already run them by young inquiring minds, and they gave us two thumbs up. We're proud to be offering our Kid Approved STEAM activities in an all new after school Program. And, as always, Eco Adventures will bring it all together with fun, inquiry based, hands on learning, in a dynamic and high tech fashion. In each class, kids can interact with animals, create experiments, test theories, formulate questions, utilize gear and gadgets, incorporate artwork, and even devise creations. This is Eco Adventures at its best…it's STEAM…and most importantly it's KID APPROVED! This is a session you simply cannot miss!


So you think a snake is a snake is a snake?? Not so fast my friend…in this all new class, students will learn what actually makes a snake a snake? Snakes might just look like a head connected to a long tail, but in reality their engineering and body plan have made them one of the most successful animals on the planet. Students will learn all about snakes unique adaptations, anatomy, locomotion, and way of life, all through hands-on interactions with live snakes. Students will even get to put their engineering skills to the test as they build their very own snake-like contraption to illustrate how their anatomy works!


When you live outdoors in nature, you better have a plan for dealing with adverse conditions, like storms, wind, heat, or cold. The ones that can't aren't around long, but the successful animals find a way to adapt to extreme conditions! Whether it is a bearded dragon in the heat of the desert, a penguin in bone chilling cold, a bird flying in a hurricane winds, or an ant dealing with falling raindrops, students will explore animals amazing survival strategies and see first hand how they adapt to crazy weather conditions. Participants will even be asked to don their lab coats as they experiment with making our own miniature storms in a jar!


Have you ever wondered why animals are so hard to find in nature? They just seem to have a special skill at hiding from us, and for good reason, for in nature, it's eat or be eaten! Camouflage is everything in the ultimate game of hide and seek! In this class kids will take a closer look at how certain animals can change color, hide themselves, build structures that camouflage, or are masters of illusion and mimicry! How do they do it? Students will get all the answers as they learn about color mixing and how animals utilize colors to their advantage. Throwing art into the mix they will even get to use watercolors to create their very own camouflage, and also have a beautiful piece of artwork to take home! You do not want to hide from this class!


Animals have some marvelous means of movement! From rolling, jumping, flying, galloping, and even walking on water, there are many amazing ways to get around! Some animal movements have even inspired human technology or human defense like the Martial Arts. In this very active class students will learn about all about movement by interacting with various live animal participants. Their own abilities will even be put to the test, to determine if humans can move the way other animals do. Who has the better jump a bull frog or kid, or what about scuttling like a crab, or side winding like a snake. It's kid against beast as all the answers will be revealed as to how and why these animals jump, hop, or skip their way through life! Students will even get to build their very own animal movement machine!


In this class students will get charged up for nature…literally! There are many animals in nature that use energy as a way of life. Electric eels, lightning bugs, glow worms, squid, and many more, that utilize electricity to survive. Some us bio luminesence to communicate, while others use electricity to defend themselves, and some even have perfected its' use for navigation, and even others for locomotion. Are you shocked by all of this? No worries, because we have all the answers as to the how and why of animal electricity and bio luminescence. Kids will even get charged up to create their own working lighting bugs!

Nature Nuts After School Program

The Nature Nuts program brings the excitement and fun of the new Eco Adventures right to your school! Using a hands-on approach to learning, our goal is to empower students to take action on issues concerning conservation and the environment. Students will encounter a variety of live animals such as tarantulas, toads, lizards, giant roaches, snakes, crocodiles, frogs, small mammals, turtles, and much more! *This program counts towards the requirements for GREEN SCHOOL CERTIFICATION* Please write the dates on your calendar as there will not be weekly reminders. Remember to send in a note to your child's teacher and pack a peanut free snack/drink. Please email us if your child is going to be absent or if they are in SAAC. Special Needs – We welcome special needs students to learn and thrive in our hands on learning style at Eco Adventures. In order to maintain the quality of our programs and for your children's and animals' safety, we require that special needs students have adult supervision to assist. Failure to do so, may result in cancellation of registration as we are not special needs experts. Classes can be 4 weeks-6 weeks,once a week or once a month. One hour long up to 30 participants. Students sign up through our online registration system. School sends out a flyer. First come first serve on dates- so hurry and let us know!

It's Wild in the Outback

G’day, mate! Australia is a land of extremes in temperature, season, and animal adaptations. Come learn about these amazing critters that have made their home down under, and get to meet some of them face-to-face!

Super Hereos of Africa

With all of the hype around a certain African superhero, come meet the superheroes of the animal world that call Africa home! From spines to venom to heat vision, these animals would fit right into comic book movies!

Oh Say Can You See

From desert to swamp to forest, the USA is a land of many habitats and many widely-ranged animals that call them home. What animals can Americans from different parts of the country find in their backyards, and what should you do if you meet these animals? Come find out! 

South America: Rainforests and Beyond

Rain rain, don’t go away! Amazing animals live in the wettest places on land, and it doesn’t dampen their spirits! Rainforests are complex ecosystems full of life everywhere you look, from tiny insects to huge snakes. See them for yourself!

Water Water Everywhere

What lurks below the surface of the ocean? What’s swimming around in rivers and wetlands? We haven’t discovered everything that’s out there in the big blue sea, but come sea (pun intended) the weird and incredible animals we have found in the water and on islands!

Animal Wonders of Asia

Hop on a plane; you’re in for a long flight out East! The animals of the Middle East and Asia have amazing adaptations, whether they make their homes in desert or jungle. Find out what tricks they use to survive!

Fuzzy, Furry, Fun

What makes a mammal a mammal? What different shapes and sizes do they come in? Come meet some amazing furry friends, and see why these animals are often considered the “cutest” critters at Eco Adventures!

Look Mom, No Legs!

Hiiiiiiiiiss. It’s time to meet some legless animals that Indiana Jones is terrified of. Are you scared of these scaly creatures? Or are you brave enough to come face-to-face with slithering serpents?

Creepy Crawlies

Bugs are everywhere. You can hardly find a place in the world where there isn’t some kind of bug crawling or flying around. Can you name the differences between insects and arachnids? Come face some scary critters and learn why they aren’t really so scary after all.

Chomp Chomp

Some animals are famous for their biting strength. Are you strong enough to handle them, and learn about other animals with big mouths and powerful jaws? Better keep your hands and feet inside the ride when meeting these amazing biters!

Hop To It

Jump into fun with frogs and toads, including listening to the different sounds they make. Can you tell a frog apart from a toad? Which is a better jumper? Come find out and even meet the mascot of Eco Adventures!

Shy Guys and Gals

Wouldn’t it be nice to hide in a big, safe shell? Some critters shelter in the shells of other animals, but some grow their own to protect them! Come face-to-face with these shy guys and gals as you learn the difference between turtles, tortoises, and terrapins!

But....Where is it?

I swear there’s an animal there… but can you see it? Some animals are incredible at playing hide-and-seek, but we can show them to you! Whether they live in the desert or the jungle, they’re experts at blending in. Just try to spot them!

Participating Schools:

Important Information

  • If you would like to sign up after the program has already begun, you will need to call our office to sign up at a pro-rated cost.
  • Please let us know when a child is absent and write dates on calendars as there are no reminders and no credits or refunds for missed classes.
  • Let us know if your child has SAAC/after school care or any other person pick up other than parent. Must sign out student and have photo ID.
  • Please pack a light snack
  • Let us know of any special needs.
  • For the safety of your children and our animals, repeated behavioral or not listening problems that hinder the quality of the program for others can result in child's registration cancellation without a refund. We will notify parents when there is a problem.
  • Please note themes will vary from school to school.