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Here at EcoAdventures there is always something WILD & Exciting going on…

Upcoming Events

Sun, Dec 21st 3pm – 4:30pm Open Discovery Time

Mon, Dec 22nd 10:30am – 12pm Open Discovery Time

Wed, Dec 24th 10:30am – 12pm Open Discovery Time

Fri, Dec 26th 10:30am – 12pm Open Discovery Time

Sat, Dec 27th 10:30am – 12pm Open Discovery Time

Sun, Dec 28th 3pm – 4:30pm Open Discovery Time

Fri, Jan 2nd 9am – 4pm Mythical Creatures and Folklore Camp

The Baby Terrapins are Here!

Come and meet our 4 new baby Diamondback Terrapins. These little guys were flown in from Alaska where more than 200 turtles were confiscated by US Fish and Wildlife. They were STUFFED in snow boots going to Asia (assuming for human consumption). We are lucky to give these 4 turtles a good home.

See more of the story in The Capital Gazette

Animal of the Month


Meet our newest addition – a Spectacle Caiman!

EcoAdventures is happy to be the home of now 7 out of 23 species of crocodilians (an order of reptiles that includes alligators, caimans, crocodiles & gharials). Spectacle caimans get their name from the bony ridge between their eyes that makes this crocodilian look like it is wearing glasses. They are found in the wetlands and rivers of Central and South America and are a small to medium size crocodilian reaching lengths of 4 – 6ft. They feed on insects, crustaceans, mollusks, fish, amphibians, water birds and even mammals such as the wild pig.

Meet More of our Animals


Many of our animals here at EcoAdventures are rescued or donated to us. Your gift will help us provide medical care, food, and supplies, and will enable us to save even more animals. Thank you!!!


New Years at Noon

with Macaroni Kid Pasadena-Severna Park

December 31st 2014 11am – 1pm

Five, four, three..two…the countdown is on for the New Year, so and bring it on in style at Ecoadventures.  Bring out the whole family and join Ecoadventures and Macaroni Kids for an unforgettable afternoon of fun and games.  That’s right, afternoon!  We’re having a New Years at NOON!!!  Lots of little ones can’t stay up until midnight (We can’t even stay up until midnight…), so Ecoadventures is speeding up the clock so that the whole family can celebrate New Years at Noon!!!  Watch the ball drop into our crocodile pond in grand style.  We will also have plenty of games, crafts, animal interactions, feeding demonstrations, face painting, snacks, and party favors!  Ecoadventures…IS your destination for family fun!!!  Sign up now!! 
December 31st  11:00-1:00pm $20 per participating child. Adults are free.


Did you know that EcoAdventures proudly donates part of its proceeds to crocodilian and rainforest research and education? Also check out our jungle shop to purchase some sloth merchandise or Crocodilian Advisory Group caps- all proceeds go towards the organizations!! Come to EcoAdventures and make a difference!


EcoAdventures Gift Certificates Now Available

Why not give that someone special on your list a gift they are sure to remember! Gift certificates for any amount are available and can be used towards parties, programs, camps, Open Discovery drop-in times and more.