Fall Educational Enrichment Programs- Registration OPEN NOW! Scroll down for important registration info

Fall Schedule
Pre K9 - 9:45 amTuesdays
Full Day8:15-4 pm8:15 - 4 pm8:15-4 pm8:15 - 4 pm8:15 - 4 pmM-F, Mon-Tues, W, Thur-Fri
Half Day AM8:15- 12 pm8:15 - 12 pm8:15 - 12 pm8:15- 12 pm8:15 - 12 pmM-Tues , W, Th-F
Half Day PM1-4 pm12:30 - 4 pm12:30-4 pm12:30 - 4 pm12:30 - 4 pmM-T, W, Th - F
Home School1:30 - 2:30 pm10:30 - 11:30 pm1-2 pm10-11 am1-2 pm, 2:30-3:30 pm
Lunch and Learn11:30-12:30 pm11:30-12:30 pm11:30-12:30 pm
After "School" Program4:30-5:30 pm4:30-5:30 pm
Single Day Field TripsFossil/Dig It 9-1 pm, Eco Explorers at Kinder ParkFossil/Dig It 9-1

Programs and Prices at a Glance

** Schedule above is subject to change- Session 1: starts Sept 14th-Oct 23rd
REGISTRATION OPEN- For registrations to join an existing pod - * Please note we are having technical difficulties with the registration page-please email us with your registration.
If you want to add your own pod for ANY program,
Please email us your registration with : total # of children
Pods: Names: Age: Grade: School: Days needed/times: phone # We will send you payment info /waiver/confirmation.

Or other programs: Name of the program, Name of child: Age: Date:


Educational Enrichment Programs (with online live e-learning assistance): (ages 5-11) 8:10 am-4pm
FULL DAYS: for 6 week session
Mon-Fri: $275 per week with 6 week commitment (or $325 week to week)
*Two days (Pick any two days) Wed-Thus-Fri) $150 per week
*Three days Wed-Fri $210 week
* Single Day $75 per day
Half Days $60 12:30-4pm

HALF DAYS: 6 week session: Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays $60 per day

• Only one day $95

*Inquire for Mondays-Tuesdays
*Must bring own computer/chrome book/headphones with microphone.
*Max # kids 8 or 10 to a pod except Wednesdays-
**Can take single day drop-ins if there is space. Please email us to inquire.

Pre-school Classes (ages 3-5): 45 mins, $20/class for parent and me, $7/extra sibling $7, 10 families max =$120 for 6 weeks

Homeschool Classes (ages 5-13):
$20 per class for 6-week session =$120 Max of 14 students
$20 per class for 6-week session = OWN POD Call to reserve date and time

Animal Apprentice: (ages 9+)10am-1pm Wed $85 Max of 3 students- Please call us to register

Scaly Saturdays Program: $40 single days or 6 week session $200

Lunch and Learn: 1 hr, $15/person (ages 2+), bring a picnic lunch,

Field trip Days: KinderFarm Park Wed (ages 5-11) Fri (ages 10-14): $65/person
Meet at Kinder Farm Park 8:30-12pm, Max # kids 12

After “Virtual School” Program: 4:30-5:30pm (ages 6-16) $20 per class (6 weeks session) Tues- $100  Thurs-$120



Full Day & Half Day Programs

Eco Adventures will provide a separate indoor space for each group or pod of 8 children with social distancing. Each pod will have its own instructor for the week that will provide E-learning assistance. As of now, Anne Arundel county will require students to log in 9 am-11 am and 1 pm-3 pm. After that time, we will do our normal array of much-needed FUN enrichment activities such as games, animal interactions, crafts, experiments, fossil digs, and more depending on the day. Each week we will have similar themes to our homeschool/virtual classes. Please pack a snack and a water bottle. Must wear masks and own chrome books/computers.
*Right now we have a pod going on Wed-Fri. Please inquire if you need Mondays-Tuesdays.

Wicked Wednesdays E-learning/Camps 8:15-4 pm or 12:30-4pm
Kids will need a day to unwind and have some fun with our Wed Camps! Morning time, they will be provided with virtual learning area and assistance if they need it- then afternoon of FUN! Join us for a day full of our mixed usual themes full of fun, games, crafts, animal interactions, feeding, demos, fossil digs, and more! Wicked!

* Limited to 10-14 kids per group
*Before and aftercare available

After “Virtual School” Program (6 weeks) Tues or Thurs 4:30-5:30 pm (ages 6-16)
Let your child socialize and unwind with some enrichment after being on a computer all day! After hours animal caretakers will interact, feed, train, give baths, build enrichment toys, and “play with animals, do hands-on activities, crafts, play games, and more! Great for future “Jr. Assistant” volunteers.

Keeper Apprentice Program (ages 9+) 10-1 pm Tues, Wed, Fri,
Wonder what it is like to be a zookeeper? Who hasn’t, right? This highly personal program is led by one of our credentialed animal keepers, to pull back the curtain on all involved in animal husbandry. This in-depth experience is for the older students who are serious about learning animal husbandry and medical care of animals. Students will tour the facility and learn specific information and needs of our special animal collection. Students will get to not only encounter animals in our behind the scenes animal room, but assist with animal care, food prep, training, & cleaning. This is a very hands-on experience like no other, with interactions with numerous endangered species! Whoever gets to interact with an endangered species in this day and age? YOU DO, in this extremely elite camp, the ultimate insider experience.
**Space is very limited, with only three select participants per day!! Perfect for aspiring Jr. Assistants. Please bring lunch and masks. Call to register.

Lunch and Learn (family program or pod program) *1 hr : Every Tues, Thurs & Friday
Get out your blanket and picnic basket and head to Eco Adventures for a nice “break” from your day. Enjoy lunch in our grassy field while social distancing from other family pods and learn all about our amazing animals in a fun and engaging presentation! Then after lunch, interact with some of your new favorite animal friends!
**Weather dependent, please bring lunch and masks, *Min of 5 paid participants for it to run


Scaly Saturdays
9am-11am (Ages 5-11) $40 single days or 6 week session $200
Join us for a morning “mini” camp full of hands-on activities and much needed socialization and FUN! Meet our scaly creatures along with some other furry creatures too and participate in an array of games, crafts, experiments, animal interactions, feeding, demos, fossil digs, and more!
*Each Saturday has different activities

Dig it!! (ages 5-11) Sept 9th, 1:00-4:00 pm $60 Sept 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Oct 7th,
Back by popular demand! Become an archeologist or even a prospector as this camp is full of finds underground! In this expedition, we’re going to head outside to our Bone Yard Dig site where kids will learn about an archeological dig site and uncover the truths about some ancient pasts. Find pottery, coins, fossils, and even bones! Then relive the California Gold Rush…Eco Adventure style with our Sluice and panning for gold area. Fingers are crossed that we hit “pay dirt” on this gold grubbers adventure. Kids will look for semi-precious gems and gold- “fools gold” that is while getting a little “wet” from the squirting sluice. Then go to the trading post where kids can trade in some of their gold for goodies….Catch the fever….sign up now!
*Can wear a bathing suit or bring a towel (not getting wet in Oct). All outside camp. Must have 5 participants min for it to run. Max # of kids 10.

Fossil Beach Adventure Field Trip- St. Leonards (Ages 9+) Sept 23rd & 25th $115 8:30-4pm
Get your bones a moving and prepare to go Fossil Hunting!! Join our team of fossil hunting enthusiasts as we board our ECO ADVENTURE’S Snake van and head to renowned fossil hot-spot Matoaka Beach in St. Leonards. While there we will put our skills to the test (and with a little luck), dig, unearth, excavate, and uncover, shark, crocodile, whale, skate, and ray fossils, from the ancient world of the Chesapeake Bay! The best part- is you get to keep what you find (unless it’s a pirates’ lost gold bar...then we get to keep it)! Participants will learn all about and participate in net seining activities where they will get to capture and examine marine life, such as fish, eels, shrimp, and crabs, comparing it to ancient fossilized life forms!!! Fossil hunting is hard work and it is sure to build up an appetite, so we have that covered with a BBQ lunch with hot dogs, chips, and a drink, form a gazebo overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Space is limited, sign up now! Min and Max of 6 campers required for the program to run.
*Space is extremely limited to 6 due to social distancing in the van, must wear masks in the 1 hr drive with the windows down and whenever we cannot social distance. Bring a lunch.

Eco Explorers at Kinder Farm Park Sept 22nd , Oct 6th, Oct 20th 8:30-12:00 pm $65
Time to take a break from the virtual world and immerse yourself in nature!! Along with fellow nature nuts- take a hike through Kinder Farm and look for cool critters on a fun scavenger hunt! Learn how to use a compass and use binoculars to look for wildlife that lives there! From birds to deer, box turtles, bullfrogs, foxes, and more! Look for animal footprints, scats, or evidence of wildlife. Learn to tell what type of animal it is by looking at scat or print- and even make your own animal “poop”- what will it be a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore? You decide! Play a food web game and end it with a picnic lunch and a stroll through the farm to look for cool farm animals. * Meet at KinderFarm

Maryland ZOO in Baltimore $115 9-3 pm Ages 6+ Sept 30th, Oct 14th
Attention animal lovers- we’re going on a ROAD TRIP TO THE ZOO! Best of all, our very own animal experts will be the guides, pointing out all the sights and sounds of the Maryland Zoo. Following our feeding frenzy (lunch), we head back to Eco Adventures for some hands-on interactions with our very own animals, Animal Trivia Game, and ice pop snack.
*Price Includes Zoo admission 9:15-3:00 pm/Van transportation to the Zoo.
*Space is extremely limited and must have 6 participants in order to run. Please bring a mask as we will wear one when we cannot social distance and in the van. Bring a lunch.




**We are having technical difficulties. If you don't see your option offered, please email us with your registration. In order to make it as safe as possible , we and trying to keep the groups small . Weekly/session commitments are preferable. Call to inquire about single day drop ins.
Option 1: FORM YOUR OWN POD with same age/grade of kids Option 2: BE PUT IN AN EXISTING POD. Although we will try to put same age pods together, there may be of of mixed age groups. Hit register now button at the top.
**Registrations can be week to week. For full week/ partial week commitments is 8 weeks at a time session. Payment is monthly. Payment plans are available. Contact us.
**Space is extremely limited. Increased prices reflect the limited capacity of keeping small groups for safety, sanitation/extra staff costs, and logistics. Unfortunately, we cannot take credit for these Fall programs unless there is space availability. (call us the day before) Credit can be used for any virtual programs, birthday parties, private feeding frenzies, and when we resume to normalcy with “live” school. The ½ day schedules of M-Tues and Thurs-Fri are designed for COVID safety by trying to keep from introducing new children into a group every day. Wednesdays can be single days.

**Own chrome/computer, headphones with microphone, log in instructions/passwords etc
**Snack and peanut free lunch , water bottle
**Own basic supplies (glue bottle, pencil/pen, markers, scissors)

**Each child will have a table of their own and partition to decorate and personalize their own space.
**Instruction, tech support, organizational assistance as needed for E-learning classes and parent communication
**Each child pics an "emotional support" animal habitat to have in their area which they will be in assisting with taking care of
**FUN activities before and after with a pop to cool off in the afternoon!

**Children must bring their own computer/chrome book/headphones and some school supplies. (list will be emailed)
** Must wear masks inside. Many activities can be done outside. Do not have to wear masks outside unless we are not able to social distance.
** There will not be intermixing of pods. Each pod has their own learning areas, bathroom and area for virtual learning every day.
**We are relying on your honesty and good judgment during this pandemic. If you commit to our programs, we trust that if you go out of state, attend large gatherings/events/vacation, or are around people that do not practice good measures (do not wear masks, etc)…you must contact us as it may affect the dates of participation. Thank you for your understanding!
** If your child gets sick, we cannot allow him to participate in the program. Your child must be fever free, symptom-free for at least 24 hrs before coming back to our programs and/or with a doctor’s note. We are flexible with allowing your child to make up the days they were absent. However, if you have to cancel due to sickness, you can receive credit only.
**Our policy is CREDIT only at this time for these programs. Refunds are only given if we have to cancel due to low participation numbers. Credit does not expire and can be used for inhouse programs such as birthday parties, Feeding Frenzies, Virtual Programs, Lunch and Learns, future camps, etc etc...based on space availability.
**Please see Frequently asked Q & A for more procedures from camps 2020.